Monday, January 30, 2012

Fat Spoon Café , Damansara Uptown (Revisit)

I'm kinda sure everyone has a favourite place for lunch. Open air Chinese food stalls? Indian curry house? Hmm mine is a family running cafe nestled in busy township - Fat Spoon Café@Damansara Uptown who serves great grandma food and good coffee at reasonable and affordable price. It's one of best in the neighbourhood but visiting this place at lunch hour is really hectic as it is super hard to find a parking space and the cafe is always packed.

Hallmark of the cafe?

It's really comfortable dining at this cafe, cozy ambience and friendly staff.

Iced lychee and mint (RM7.9)
Supposed to be ice blended version but chelle said the blender is out!! So, iced!! why not?
Sweet and refreshing but I would suggest the owner to put Monin mint syrup instead of shredded fresh mint leaves lorr...

Sambal Fried Rice (RM11.9)
Wok fried rice with sambal belacan and dried prawns served with fried chicken, cucumber pickles and pappadum
Ryan said ' ok lor...'

Claypot Sampan Beef Noodles Soup (RM12.9)
A bit too sour to my liking but overall it's good!

Last but not least - The Last Polka ice cream, Rum and Raisin (RM9.2) this round.
Rich, smooth and YUMMY!! Must try!!