Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Red Bean Bag@Publika

Cafe Latte (RM8)
Gorgeous latte art

Cappuccino (RM8)
Served with choco dust

Classic French Toast (RM13.9)
A piece of soft and fluffy toast, coated with almond..served with seasonal fruits, butter and maple syrup.
The toast was pan-fried to golden brown colour and almonds were very crunchy. It was so heavenly good. But sadly the portion is a little too small. It would be more enjoyable if it was served with two pieces of toast instead of one. Highly recommended!!

RBB's Big Breakfast Fry-Up (RM19.9)
Ryan's all time favourite!

Croque Monsieur (RM15.9)
Grilled Turkey ham and cheese delight- fully coated with generous amount of mozzarella

Since the classic french toast was served in a very small portion and that was not enough to fill me up, I ordered this as well.
Perfectly pan-fried and I really loved the melted mozzarella !!

A sinful breakfast to kick start our day before going to work :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar

Over time, I found myself fell in love, deeply with English breakfast. From Jarrod and Rawlins, Plan B, Ben General Food Store, The Red Bean Bag to PH pastry house, this round we stepped in a hot kiwi/Australian cafe, located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru for their English breakfast.
It was Saturday morning, before we were near to the cafe,we can already see people queuing for table. Hmm so my advice is, call to book a table or cross your fingers!

Cappuccino (RM9)
My cappuccino was not served at the right temperature, so as Ryan's cafe latte.. 

Cafe Latte (RM9)

No tables in the indoor? Not a problem as we love alfresco seating too, as long as no smokers are seating near us :)

Big breakfast (RM19)
Served with a slice of wholegrain toast, beef bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and hash brown.
The beef bacon was amazingly good, probably the most delicious one among those we've tried. On the other hand, the hash brown was rather disappointing. Unlike those deep fried hash brown we normally see outside, Antipodean grill it. Thus it did not achieve any crispiness.

Croissant with Pork Sausage, Scrambled Eggs and Arugula (RM18)
The croissant was surprisingly good. Differ from those typical flaky and light weight kind, croissant here is moist and condensed. It was filling and satisfying!