Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Max+Faith ♥ Day (Part II)

Max+Faith ♥ Day (Part I)

Planning for a wedding is never a simple task. It takes effort and compromise at times. Recently, we've attended a very memorable wedding which I think it takes a lot of efforts in planning it. It was Mei Yen's wedding, a primary school friend of mine. The wedding was held at Taylor's Lakeside Campus on 4th of March this year. Mm I'm pretty sure 12345 (12 for 2012, 3 for March, 4 for 4th and 5 for 5p.m.) are now the five most unforgettable numbers for her and her husband, Max.

Wedding gown custom made by her cousin, specially for her.

A crowd of friends and relatives to witness the glorious moment for the newlyweds.

Bride was singing for the bridegroom. How sweet was that!

Max and Faith's LOVE booth!